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A warm welcome to my transferred website. I am still using the floating menu from my old website that uses JavaScript that I wrote In the past for a customer.  It replaces the frames format that can't be read easily on some browsers. Besides my friends tell me frames are such a pain when using modern day smart phones. 
In the past I concentrated my websites mostly on railways and their model form.  For 2014 and onwards I am extending my website to cover more of my interests -  collecting diecast models and building model kits in scales that range from H0 (1:87th scale), though 4mm to the foot scales of EM and 00 gauges (1:76) up to 7mm to the foot that includes 0 gauge and 7mm narrow gauge (1:43 scale) right up to military models in 1:35 scale.  I also love to engage in Rail Treks, a new description for exploring both modern and disused railways. There is so much more to finding out for one's self by pulling on a pair of boots and hitting the old disused track beds or the footpaths alongside present day surviving railways.
As I said above, this site shows the modelling and collecting topics that interest me that I haven't mentioned on any of my previous websites and the other models I build or collect.   I hope to give the reader an in-depth look into my world model & prototype railways and the items I build and collect. On my first websites there were pages on railway historic items, photographic, technical and engineering aspects, along with pages on scale railway modelling and the layouts and model projects I am or have been involved with. There will still be lots of railway material on this site as there was on previous ones.  The floating menu should make things easier to navigate the site and to see the newest additions please go to "Other Pages" on the floating menu.  On the intro page you will be presented with a conventional menu to select from.  When one clicks on a link a new page will open up and a different floating menu will appear.  As building websites take many hours of work I still have not uploaded everything as much of the new pages are still to be written.

Because work on this website is an on-going process, some pages have not been created and links are not connected up yet so construction will continue to expand gradually as more pages are added.   I am into the fifth year of retirement and I feel that I am working harder every day than I did when I ran my own transport business back in 1999. 

My latest 4mm fine scale layout is called St Helens Industrial Lines.  It is based on the railways in St. Helens (Merseyside) that served the coal mines and the glass industry, namely; Pilkington Glass and United Glass

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